1997 Steelers 14 vs Redkins 13

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1997 Steelers 14 vs Redkins 13

The Steelers rebound from their terrible home opener to eek out a hard fought victory against the Skins. Although his 10 rushes for 70 yds and a TD are an improvement over the previous week, Kordell continues to struggle throwing the ball in just his 2nd start (8 of 17, 82 yds, 0 TD, 1 Int). Thankfully, Jerome Bettis is a wrecking ball (27 carries, 134 yds, 1 TD) and carries the offense. The Steelers' secondary struggles at times and gives up a lot of "easy" passing yardage. Thankfully, Gus Frerotte is unable to finish drives once he gets into scoring position and the defense ultimately steps up with three huge interceptions (Levon Kirkland, Chris Oldham & Darren Perry) including two in the end zone, allowing the Steelers to win a game they probably deserved to lose. 
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Gotta love the option run on the goal line there in the 4th quarter. This game also features one of my favorite Bettis runs where he just body slams Stanley Richard to the turf

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