2001 Steelers 34 at Titans 24

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2001 Steelers 34 at Titans 24

Chad Scott gets burned for a 68-yd McNair-to-Dyson bomb on Tennessee's first offensive play of the game as the Steelers fall behind 14-3. But Scott bounces back with a dramatic 45-yd pick-6 late in the 4th quarter to seal the win for Pittsburgh. While the Titans do a decent job of bottling up The Bus (73 yds on 21 carries), their focus on Bettis opens the door for Kordell Stewart, who passes for 254 yds and 2 TDs and adds a rushing TD on a dazzling 48-yd scramble. Burress enjoys the 2nd 100-yd receiving game of his young career (8 catches, 114 yds 1 TD), Hines Ward snags 7 catches for 99 yds and Troy Edwards adds a pivotal 81-yd kickoff return, setting up a Stewart-to-Zeroue TD screen pass that gives the Steelers the lead for good. 

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