1993 Steelers 45 at Falcons 17 MNF

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1993 Steelers 45 at Falcons 17 MNF

Amazingly, the Falcons suffer this brutal thrashing in spite of scoring 14 first quarter points on a 97-yd kick return and a 46-yd fumble return. But sloppy play on both sides of the ball ultimately dooms Atlanta as the Steelers feast on turnovers, turnovers and more turnovers (6 total) including 2 INTs by NFL Defensive Player of the Year Rod Woodson. Barry Foster gains only 63 yds on 20 carries but scores 3 TDs, and Neil O'Donnell is sharp (19 of 25, 259 yds, 2 TDs, 0 INTs) as the Steelers run away with it in the 2nd half. Features the only offensive rushing play of Rod Woodson's career, an end around in which Rod runs for about 30 yds but gains only 6 inches. LOL.

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