1993 Steelers 16 vs Browns 9

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1993 Steelers 16 vs Browns 9

Needing a win to make the playoffs, Pittsburgh's offense seems determined not to win for much of the game. The struggling Steelers trail 9-3 at halftime as O'Donnell suffers 7 sacks, receivers drop easy passes (multiple drops by Eric Green and Jeff Graham) and the offense continues to sputter to the obvious displeasure of the Three Rivers crowd. Even more displeased is LB Greg Lloyd, who's legendary expletive-filled halftime tirade challenging the seemingly lackadaisical offense to do their part lights a fire under the team and sparks Pittsburgh's 2nd half comeback. Lloyd, who is playing even though he was expected to miss the game due to a bad hamstring, does his part by forcing 2 critical Cleveland fumbles in the 2nd half. Eric Green makes up for his first half drops by catching 3 passes on the game-winning drive, including a 14-yd TD from O'Donnell. 

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