1978 Steelers 28 at Jets 17

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1978 Steelers 28 at Jets 17

With the Jets throwing everything they have at the Steeler running game, Terry Bradshaw shifts to the pass and cooly slings 3 TD passes as he picks apart New York's secondary in remarkably easy fashion. Meanwhile, Lynn Swann is absolutely devastating, catching 7 passes for 102 yds & 2 TDs (with another great catch nullified by a motion penalty) against a young and overmatched N.Y. secondary. Surprisingly, the Jets move the ball quite well at times, particularly in the first half, but New York comes away empty a few too many times due to miscues. The Steel Curtain eventually wakes up and gets down to business and Jets QB Matt Robinson (sacked 5 times) spends a good deal of the 2nd half looking out his ear hole. A very entertaining game which includes Franco Harris throwing the one of the butt-ugliest passes you'll ever see. Of course, no Jets game is complete without a blatant cheap shot by the defense and with less than 2 minutes remaining, LB Mike Hennigan dives head first into Bradshaw's planted right leg leaving everyone in Pittsburgh holding their breath as the future Hall of Fame QB lies on the grass writhing in agony. Fortunately, Bradshaw escapes with only a bruised knee as the Steelers move to 5-0 for the first time in team history. 

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'78 Jets were unusually feisty.

New look, new coach, new uniforms.

Obviously, they were up against it vs. Bradshaw and company on this day, but they had their moments.

Swept Miami- a playoff team. Once in week 1, a real surprise. Then at the Orange Bowl in a classic letdown/trap game following the Dolphins' MNF epic at Houston.

And they beat the Broncos at Mile High Stadium (which ironically Pittsburgh followed suit at the end of '78).

The obvious takeaways from this game:

1. Bradshaw and Swann were dynamite

2. The Jets new uniforms were an upgrade IMO

3. Matt Robinson? Jeez, talk about a one-shot one-year guy.
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Don't forget, there are bonus highlights from This Week in Pro Football on the left side of the game description. Don't blink, though; they last less than a minute!

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