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12-12-2017, 12:52 AM

America’s evil team is about to invade Heinz Field like a bad nor’easter does, but this is the match-up we’ve been looking forward to since the schedule was published. 

While it would be great if we pull out a win, a loss here isn’t as bad as one may think. Yep it would cost us the #1 seeding, but if we get a bye in the first round, the Pats are likely to play the Jags or the Chargers, while we get the Titans or Chiefs, and frankly, 
I like our chances of surviving that round than the Pats. 

And so what if we have to go to Foxboro. Our road record this season has been stellar, AND we've owed those SOBs a slobber knocker on their home field for 15 years. It’s about time to dispel the myth.

Anyway, IMO, this is a check the boxes game. I’m more concerned about finding out what works and what doesn’t than pounding the snot out of them, although I wouldn’t exactly object if we did. But if we did, I wouldn’t assign any more import to it than the win over the Browns. It’s just another digit in the win column.
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