1996 Steelers 28 vs Jaguars 3

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1996 Steelers 28 vs Jaguars 3

Revenge for the season-opener. Jason Gildon has a huge game, tackling runners in the backfield, making great open-field tackles, and nailing Brunell for 2 sacks including one that results in a fumble at the Jags 5 yard line. Mike Tomzcak puts on a pitiful 7 of 24 display, but Thigpen still manages to haul in 2 TD passes. The defense kicks Brunell's butt all over the field with 6 sacks and 2 Ints, highlighted by Carnell Lake's sack, forced fumble and 85 yard return of that fumble for a TD in the 3rd quarter. Rookie Chad Brown also performs well. 

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