1996 Steelers 24 at Dolphins 17

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12-12-2017, 05:44 AM

1996 Steelers 24 at Dolphins 17

Mike Tomczak overcomes a pair of early turnovers (including a 61-yd pick 6) to rally Pittsburgh from a 14-3 deficit, hitting Ernie Mills for the 20-yd game-winner with 2:10 remaining. Dan Marino drives 73 yds in the final 2 minutes to the Steeler 7-yd line, but his 4th-and-1 pass into the end zone with 25 seconds left falls incomplete. Tomczak connects on numerous long passes and Bettis has another excellent game (27 carries, 119 yds). Meanwhile, Dan Marino and the Miami offense can muster only one TD against the AFC's top-ranked defense. 
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A couple of things:
There is a pregame feature before the game(from NBC, even though ABC had the game.)
I've always wondered why Frank Gifford did the intro for MNF back then, since Al Michaels did play by play.
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What a game...absolute thriller. This was peak NFL in my opinion.

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