2002 Steelers 31 at Ravens 18

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2002 Steelers 31 at Ravens 18

Tommy Maddox absolutely TORCHES the the Ravens from the get-go. What's more, he does it on the road and in spite of the absence of his Pro Bowl running back and starting center, and in spite of injuring his ankle and having his favorite receiving target taken away. Maddox starts the game 11 of 11 for 125 yards & 2 TDs (both to Burress). So it seems only natural that Plaxico would be ejected from the game after James Trapp stomps on Plax's head and rips his helmet off. After all, with the score 28-3 in the first half, the officials obviously have to step in and do something, ANYTHING, to try to save the Ratbirds' asses. Right? 

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