1996 Steelers 24 at Bengals 34

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1996 Steelers 24 at Bengals 34

The tide turns on the final play of the first half when the Steelers, leading 17-10 in spite of a playing a sloppy, unfocused first half, botch a squib kick with 5 seconds on the clock. Instead of getting a bounce or two out of Norm Johnson's squib attempt, the line drive kick goes straight to Cinci's dangerous returner, David Dunn, who goes to his tiptoes to catch the ball at the 10, streaks up the middle of the field, cuts left as the first half clock hits zero and streaks the remainder of 90 yds for a demoralizing tying touchdown. The Steelers never recover, plagued by costly penalties (including a back-breaking roughing the passer call on Gildon on Cinci's final 9-minute drive), a missed FG and 4 turnovers. 
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At halftime, brief highlights.

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