2002 Steelers 17 vs Raiders 30 SNF

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2002 Steelers 17 vs Raiders 30 SNF

Joey Porter has has an incredible game in losing effort, snagging 2 goal-line interceptions and sacking Gannon 3 times. Despite Porter's Herculean effort (which actually keeps Pittsburgh in the game for 3 quarters), the Steelers' pass defense is torched for the 2nd straight week as Rich Gannon goes 43 of 64 for 403 yds. The Steelers also turn the ball over 5 times including 4 devastating fumbles, 3 of which are recovered by former Steeler Rod Woodson. Throw in a 96-yd kick return for a TD by Terry Kirby and it's simply too much to overcome as the Steelers fall to 0-2. 

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