1991 Steelers 14 at Eagles 23

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1991 Steelers 14 at Eagles 23

Jim McMahon, filling in for injured Randall Cunningham, hits 22 of 31 for 286 yards and scores on a QB sneak as Philly rallies to defeat the Steelers. Steelers TE Eric Green has a huge first half, catching 6 passes for 118 yds and leading Pittsburgh to a 14-13 halftime lead. But Green disappears in the 2nd half as Bud Carson's defense turns up the heat on Brister, allowing just 40 yds and 3 first downs while dominating time of possession, including over 13 minutes of the 3rd quarter alone. A big time thanks to Matthew Simon for providing us with this game! 
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At halftime, scores and highlights, plus a feature on the ongoing interconference battle between the AFC and the NFC. We hear from the NFL Live crew, plus NBC analysts Todd Christensen, Bill Walsh, Dan Hampton, and Bill Parcells, who's doing this game.

Also, there are several look-ins at the Redskins-Bengals game during commercial breaks. These continue in the second half, though not as often.
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